Los Huskies Leadership Program

This year-long program focuses on students’ self-knowledge and positions in society by incorporating workshops and leadership opportunities related to identity, social justice and effective leadership in a diverse world. The Latinx Student Cultural Center (LSCC) connects each student with a peer mentor to assist with their personal growth and leadership development plan. These mentors are student leaders who have gone through the leadership program, and are already engaging in effective social change and leadership. This program begins in October with a fall seminar, and resumes in January for a spring self-authored leadership discovery opportunity. Not only will Los Huskies Learners learn the content and skills related to these topics, but they will be encouraged as leaders to take action and be change-makers on campus and off.

Mission Statement:

Created by Student Participants

“Be the Husky you envision yourself to be; motivate yourself to empower others to use their voices in the Northeastern community.”

Highlights mentioned by past student participants:

  • Interactive & fun workshops
  • Enthusiastic facilitators
  • Interesting & beneficial topics
  • Further strengthen & develop leadership/team building skills
  • Understanding the importance of being receptive to different “types” of leadership styles
  • Build lasting relationships with  peers amongst the program and coaches
Who can Apply?

Self-identified Latinx/Hispanic undergraduate students, ALL MAJORS


Applications go live in September. Apply here!


For more information about the program, contact Rosa Torres at r.torres@northeastern.edu.

Fall Seminar

The Los Huskies Leadership Fall Seminar consists of an Orientation and six workshops in stages that teach leadership based on the foundation of the four I’s of Oppression: Ideological, Internalized, Interpersonal and Institutional.

Sample Fall Schedule

This session introduces basic vocabulary and leadership concepts to the Los Huskies Learners and connects them to their mentors.

Stage 1: The “I” in Leadership
Workshop 1: What are your true colors?
This session is an exploration of self, identifying participants’ leadership styles and social identities.

Workshop 2: “Mind Over Matter”
This session focuses on maintaining wellness as we navigate professionalism.

Stage 2: Interconnections between Differences
Workshop 1: “Communicating Across Difference”
This session deconstructs what goes into communication in leadership, and how our social identities and life experiences impact how we communicate.

Workshop 2: “Turning the World Upside Down”
This session explores a global perspective of leadership, situating the leaders in a larger structure beyond interpersonal relationships.

Stage 3: Becoming a Change Maker on Campus
Workshop 1: “The Do’s and Don’ts 101” (of student organizing)*
This session gives students insight into shifting talk into action in order to create sustainable change.

Workshop 2: “Empowering Los Huskies”
This session aims to empower NU leaders to engage their community and organize within it in a conscious, peaceful way.

*“The Do’s and Don’ts 101” is an open workshop that anyone on campus is welcome to attend

Spring Self-Authored Leadership Discovery Opportunity

Guided by their peer mentors, the Los Huskies Learners will build on the content and competencies they acquired in the Fall, and apply them to their experiences on campus and in local Boston. As empowered learners and narrators of their own stories, participants will be reflecting on their journeys, documenting the highlights, and engaging in this active storytelling.

Progress of this journey will be tracked through reflections of the various workshops, programs, events, civic engagement, and other leadership opportunities they select. A total of three reflections are required by the end of the semester in order to complete this program.

Leadership Opportunity Guidelines

  • Minimum of 3 opportunities throughout the semester
    • At least 1 has to be affiliated the LSCC
  • Reflections can be images, writing or speaking

Leaderships Opportunities include, but are not limited to:


  • EMPOWER Retreat
  • BLSS Conference by LASO
  • LEAD360 Leadership Programs
  • LSCC Fellow
  • B.LA.C.K./L.A.T.I.N.X. Professional Immersion Spring Break program


  • Community Engagement 
  • Running for a Club E-board
  • Performing
  • Joining an athletic team
  • Informal interview of someone in your field
  • Organizing/attending a rally or protest